Oninaki Wiki

Zephyr (Japanese: ゼファー) is a Daemon in Oninaki. He wields a Fang.

Attack Skills[]

  • Blitz
    • Execute a well-timed sneak attack. Use while moving to increase power. Chance to Muddle. Chance to Poison when Manifested.
  • Tail Blast
    • Send a shock wave from your tail. Press button again while attacking to execute a follow-up. Power increases when Manifested.
  • Roar
    • Howl and attack in all directions. Increases Attack and Defense. The effect is enhanced when Manifested.
  • Squall
    • Rush forward and attack. Use while moving to increase critical hit chance. Area of effect larger when Manifested.
  • Macrocosm
    • Harness the power of nature to rush the enemy. Power increases based on total distance traveled. Restores HP when Manifested.
  • Stunning Breath
    • Focus your power and unleash a breath attack. Chance to Stun that increases if performed while moving. Stun duration increases when Manifested.
  • Supremacy
    • Pull in enemies and unleash a blow from above. Force of pull and number of hits increases when Manifested.
  • Onslaught
    • Perform a series of blindingly quick attacks in perfect harmony with your Daemon. Higher critical hit chance when Manifested.

Support Skills[]