The Sanctum of Rebirth is a 101-floor dungeon that is unlocked after clearing the main story. It is located in a place called the Timeworn Keep.

The Sanctum of Rebirth Entry has a Waystone and a golden portal to the first floor. Linne can be found waiting in the Entry, and can be invited along to provide healing as she does in the main story. Jex can also be found in the Entry if the Lost Soul "Seeker of Truth" has been spoken to.

The map for each floor is chosen randomly from the locations visited during the main story. Precepts are the same as on the original maps, but there are no exits or Waystones.

On each floor, Kagachi must defeat a certain number of enemies. Upon doing so, the message "A way forward opens" is displayed and a golden portal to the next floor appears somewhere on the map.

The Fallen that appear on each floor are chosen randomly. Their levels are higher depending on the floor, which also increases the chances of dropping good items.

Floors Monster Levels
1 – 30 60 – 77
31 – 60 68 – 85
61 – 90 86 – 103
91 – 100 104 – 109

Boss Floors Edit

Every fifth floor has a boss, as well as a Waystone that can be used before and after battling the boss. If the Sanctum of Rebirth is exited, it can be re-entered at any of the Waystones previously reached.

Floor Boss
5 The Iron Hammer
10 Wingthrax
15 She-Who-Embraces
20 Devourer of the Lost
25 The Capricious
30 The Greatshield
35 The Horrid Hammer (variant of The Iron Hammer)
40 Goldthrax
45 Shugo Bloodtotem
50 The Swarm
55 The Blightshield (variant of The Greatshield)
60 Wildwych
65 She-Who-Shuns (variant of She-Who-Embraces)
70 The Great Chariot
75 The Defiler (variant of The Swarm)
80 Kengu Bloodtotem (variant of Shugo Bloodtotem)
85 Devourer of the Keen (variant of Devourer of the Lost)
90 The Ruminator
95  ?? (variant of The Great Chariot)
100 Oni
101  ??
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