Mayura (Japanese: マユフ) is a young Watcher in Oninaki. She is Kushi’s daughter and Kagachi’s childhood friend.

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Kagachi and Mayura were both raised by Kushi, and because of that the two became very close to each other. Throughout the game she may have developed romantic feelings for him. After she passed away, she became a lost. She asked Kagachi to look after her Daemon Izana and help her recover her memories. And tell Kujo she's sorry, with that said she passed on without regrets.


Kushi is Mayura's father.


Kujo and Mayura treated each other like bestfriends, but little does Mayura know how Kujo felt about her. After she passed away Kujo confessed that she hated her, but after Kagachi told her what she said before she passed away. Kujo felt regretful, sad, and Miserable.

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  • Lynn the voice actress of Mayura, also voiced Nico in DMC 5, Princess Hibana in Fire Force and many other characters.
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