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A Lost Soul is the soul of a deceased being who cannot be reincarnated. They exist in the Beyond and cannot be perceived by the living. Watchers attempt to find these Lost Souls and resolve their emotional attachments so that they can pass on to the next life.

When Kagachi encounters a Lost Soul, he can attempt to save them by satisfying their request. This often involves showing them a particular item or taking them to see a person or location.


"Sentient souls burdened by powerful emotions, they wander the Beyond."

"Lost Souls eventually become Fallen, though the length of time this takes varies. This process tends to follow one of two patterns: either consciousness fades, or their unresolved emotional attachments become an obsession."

"One of the Veil Watch's tasks is to save Lost Souls before they become Fallen."

List of Lost Souls[]

These are the Lost Souls listed under the game's Memories menu. It does not include Lost Souls encountered as part of the main story. "Ch.1 Pt.2" means the Lost Soul appears at some point during Chapter 1 Part 2.

The first twelve are missable; they disappear after the boss in The Eternal Garden at the end of Chapter 2.

WARNING: Story spoilers below! Proceed at your own risk!

# Lost Soul Where When Deadline
1 Longing Boy Deto Ch.1 Pt.1 end of Ch.2
2 Unfortunate Woman Deto Ch.2 Pt.2 end of Ch.2
3 Kujo Deto Ch.2 Pt.2 end of Ch.2
4 Regretful Woman Deto Ch.2 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
5 Unbelieving Guard Deto Ch.2 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
6 Venturous Man The Lost Town Ch.1 Pt.1 end of Ch.2
7 Reckless Watcher The Sunken Ruins Ch.1 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
8 Guilty Man Tashir Canal Ch.1 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
9 Lost Disciple Mt. Teora Ch.2 Pt.1 end of Ch.2
10 Fallen Expert Top Floor Ch.2 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
11 Fellow Watcher Shadestone Quarry Ch.2 Pt.2 end of Ch.2
12 Leo Underhall Ch.2 Pt.3 end of Ch.2
13 Perished Watcher Deto Ch.3 Pt.1
14 Scent-Obsessed Man Deto Ch.3 Pt.1
15 Insistent Dog Deto Ch.3 Pt.1
16 ? ? ?
17 Fearful Man Raom Meadows Ch.3 Pt.1
18 Vengeful Man Purewater Ruins Ch.3 Pt.1
19 Hoodwinked Woman Kiho Shores Ch.3 Pt.1
20 Reformed Thief The Sunken Ruins Ch.3 Pt.1
21 Fleeing Man The Mesid Woods Ch.3 Pt.1
22 Inquisitive Man Sugo Ch.3 Pt.1
23 Heedless Man The Eternal Garden Ch.3 Pt.1
24 Magic Scholar Kiraq Ch.3 Pt.1
25 Anxious Woman Kiraq Ch.3 Pt.1
26 Precocious Girl Ophay Forest Ch.3 Pt.1
27 Confident Alchemist Shadestone Quarry Ch.3 Pt.1
28 Enlightened Man Mt. Teora Ch.3 Pt.1
29 Warrior-in-Training The Sook Fens Ch.3 Pt.1
30 ? ? ?
31 ? ? ?
32 ? ? ?