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Kagachi (Japanese: カガチ) is the main protagonist of Oninaki. He is a young Watcher, traveling between between the Living World and the Beyond to fight monsters and rescue lost souls. In battle he can manifest the souls he has recued, called Daemons, to use their weapons and powers.



Kagachi wears a blue scarf that cover ups his mouth.



Prior to the events of the game, a young Kagachi is mourning his parents at a funeral. Mayura tries to comfort him by saying her dad is a Watcher who can talk to his parents. He walks out in the rain and sees a young girl standing in the midst of it. They try to converse but are interrupted by Mayura who asks him about what girl he's seen. He turns around and realizes that the girl has gone. During the funeral, he is told by Kushi that he shouldn't grieve as doing so would mean that his parents could become Lost, which goes against their society's natural order.