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Jex (Japanese: ジェクス) is a Daemon in Oninaki. He wields a Crystalcore and is found in the Sanctum of Rebirth Entryway, which is not accessible until post-game. Finding him will satisfy the request of the Lost Soul "Seeker of Truth", who must be spoken to before Jex will appear.

Unlike other Daemons, Jex does not have unique attack skills of his own. Instead, unlocking nodes in his skill tree grants him access to the skills of other Daemons. He is also able to use up to eight attack skills, organized in two sets of four, and switching between these two sets during battle by using his "Skill Shift" Daemon action.

Jex first two Deamon Lores is a reference to other RPG titles created by Tokyo RPG Factory: "I am Setsuna" and "Lost Sphear".


  • The end credits list Jex's voice actor as "????".