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"Able to maintain her composure in most any situation, Izana knows how to stand her ground. She is an aloof Daemon who observes the words and emotions of the living with great interest. Izana still holds distant memories of the cold tears of the dead and the twisted smiles of the living. She wields scythes that cut through large swathes of the battlefield with devastating power. She can also move in the blink of an eye, enabling her to strike from the blind spots of her foes."

Izana (Japanese: イザナ) is a Daemon in Oninaki. She wields a large scythe which has excellent range, and she can move swiftly to strike the enemy from behind.


  • Parallel
  • Reaper
  • Grace
  • Shock
  • Trick
  • Serial
  • Force
  • Nemesis


A founding member of the Watchers. Ever since she was a girl, Izana was told not to mourn death, and despite her misgivings she accepted this. After losing her memory, she grew close to Mayura, who shared her outlook. With her values restored through her friendship with Mayura, Izana now seeks to aid Kagachi.